Data Backup

Kasım 20 2019

Data Backup

Why is Data Backup Important?

Whether you have a virtualization architecture or not, data backup is very important in every aspect of business. Data Backup operations allow you to back up your Virtual Machines at the operating system level as well as back up all your files and folders. In case of any disaster, you can go back to the backup and easily continue your work where you left off.

What Can I Backup?

You can easily back up your physical machines, especially your virtual machines, public folders and files or corporate e-mail accounts. In addition, you can store your backups locally or easily move them to the Cloud and easily restore them if needed.


While spares are the lifeline of businesses, they also require extra cost and management. For this reason, businesses need a large amount of storage space for their ever-growing backup data, and they must have backup and storage units such as NetApp and NAS or benefit from Cloud Storage Technologies as much as they need.

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