Veeam Cloud Backup

What is Veeam Cloud Backup?

As an alternative to backup solutions, which are indispensable for businesses, in order to reduce IT storage and storage investment costs, backup solutions that have been reshaped with today's technology, with Veeam Cloud Backup, your backups can be moved to the cloud and your backups can be safely stored in any city outside your business, either internationally or in Turkey. is to be stored.

Our backup solutions

In order to maximize the security and sustainability of your servers, we keep backups taken at the operating system level outside your business against any disaster, allowing you to easily restore from backup when necessary. At the same time, by using the Disaster structure, which is one of our different backup solutions, your backups will continue to work by being restored from the cloud in case of a hardware failure on your servers. Meet our different backup and sustainable IT Solutions with our expert team.

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